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Cúla4 APPs now available

There are a selection fun Irish language Apps now available to download. All can be downloaded by searching for Cúla4 or TG4 in the App Store.


This App is based on the popular pre-school television series 'Saol Faoi Shráid'. In this exciting new app you can try you hand at joining the dots & colouring, karaoke, matching puzzles and a fun game.

We hope you'll have fun!

The new App is available free of charge in mid October. To download go to the App Store or Playstore and search for 'Saol Faoi Shráid'.

'Saol Faoi Shráid' is currently airing on Cúla4 na nÓg, TG4 and available to view on tg4.tv.


The App features ‘An Coileach Codlatach’ published in book form by FutaFata.com, written by Nuala Nic Con Iomaire, and beautifully illustrated by Donough O’Malley.

The App gives the option to listen to the story being read by Darach Mac Con Iomaire, to watch the video of the story being read or to read along yourself.  

Free to download (for iPad only) – search ‘TG4’ in the App Store.



This is the second Scéal an Lae app. Scéal an Lae is a television series on Tg4's Cúla4. In this app we have the story 'Ceol na gCat', a book published by Cló Mhaigh Eo, written by Colmán Ó Raghaillaigh and beautifully illustrated by Jane O'Sullivan.

Download free version of the App here:



The new Irish language version of the ZOU App was launched on 17th March 2014.

This App is based on the TV series ZOU, and includes storytime, songs, jigsaw puzzles, Bricolage and Coloring.  The App is can be accessed in various languages, Irish language included.  Select the Irish flag icon to play 'as Gaeilge'

Download free version of the App here:


or download the full App with all activities (cost =3.59)



Cúlacaint 3 was launched at Oireachtas (Irish language festival) 2013.

This is the third APP in the Cúlacaint series, the first of which was awarded best learners App at the International Celtic Film & Television festival 2013.

 This version of Cúlacaint, includes useful words by the Seaside, in the City, at the Farm, and in the Woods as well as a selection of plural words as Gaeilge.  The App includes written, spoken and a colorful image for each word.  Hope you have fun!

Download here for free:


APP Bia Linn

The new Bia Linn App is now available to download; follow the link below, or search 'Bia Linn' in the App store.


APP CÚLACAINT 1     download

Launched in October 2011, this App includes over 100 Irish language words relating to weather, animals, vehicles and parts of the body. There is also a painting page. It includes the spoken word as well as an image.

APP CÚLACAINT 2     download

This second App in the series presents another 100 fun Irish language words with images and sounds  for pre-school kids or learners. The words include Alphabet, Numbers, Colours, Food and Clothes.  The App offers  an image along with  the written and the spoken version of the word in Irish.

APP CÚLACAINT 3     download

This third App in the series presents another 100 fun Irish language words with images and sounds  for pre-school kids or learners. The words include the Beach, the Farm, the Forest and the City.  The App offers  an image along with  the written and the spoken version of the word in Irish.

APP Olly an Veain Bheag Bhán     download

This popular animation series for young children is shown on Cúla4 and  features the adventures of a friendly, helpful, eager-to-please little van with lots of his friends... and his driver, Stan.

In this fun and exciting new App, you can elp Olly fix his friends and deliver important packages!

Hope you enjoy them. Bain sult astu!

To download any of the 4 Apps, go to the App Store on iTunes, and search for ‘Cula4’ or ‘TG4’.  All are suitable for iPhone and iPads.   The Culacaint and Olly Apps are Free to Download.

Android versions are also available for Culacaint 1 & Cúlacaint 2.  Go to https://play.google.com/store and search under TG4 or Gaeilge or Cúla4. Free to download.

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