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Colin Bateman penned TV drama series set in a local newspaper office returns for a second series.

Scúp, Colin Bateman’s drama series set in a struggling Irish language newspaper office, returns to TG4 and BBC NI for a second series.  It airs on TG4 from 1st April at 9.55pm.

In the new series we rejoin the newspaper team as they welcome two new members of staff – Gerry (Conor MacNeill) and Patrick (Shane Fallon).

‘Temporary’ editor of An Nuacht, Rob Cullan (Don Wycherley) is back at his desk, with his wife and children in tow. His life is complicated by his professional and personal relationship with ambitious reporter Alix (Kelly Gough), who has found herself a new love interest.

The tables are turned when Diarmuid (Denis Conway) finds his family in the headlines and old flames are rekindled for better or worse.  Cormac’s (Donncha Crowley) nephew Gerry (Conor Mac Neill) joins as the new cub reporter, along with new photographer Patrick (Shane Fallon) from Dublin, who is a bit wet behind the ears.  ‘Uncle Cormac’s’ loyalty to the paper is challenged as stories from the outside impact on individuals within the newsroom.

Once again Scúp tells typically small local news stories which illuminate bigger issues for the staff at the paper and the wider community that they serve. The series tackles themes such as drink driving, policing, legal highs, teacher pupil relationships and mental illness whilst still incorporating Bateman’s trademark wit and irreverence.

Around these storylines, Bateman weaves the troubled relationships of favourite characters – Rob and Alix and Diarmuid and Janine (Caitríona Ní Mhurchú) – whilst Cormac continues to be torn by loyalties past and present.

Scúp was Colin Bateman’s first drama series to be broadcast in the Irish Language.   He said, 'It's fantastic to be back for a second series of Scúp.  I love being able to make a drama series in Belfast, and having it set in a newspaper office gives a wide range of stories and topics I can tackle. The series deals with some quite serious issues, but there's always a strong sense of humour there as well, which I think has helped make it so popular.'

'For me as a writer the great thing is that I'm given such free reign to write about what I want to write about - within reason!  But I'm largely left alone to make it all up, which is the way I like to work. Over the years I've written a lot of television scripts, but very few of them have actually been set locally, so being able to write two complete series set here, using local actors and crew, has been fantastic!' 

Scúp is a Stirling Film and Television Production directed by Declan Recks (Pure Mule) and produced by Marie-Thérèse Mackle (6 Degrees).